Fred Christensen Original Photo/Memorabilia Collection
56th Fighter Group - 62nd Fighter Squadron
WWII ACE with 21.5 Aerial Victories
These were the personal items that Christensen collected during the war.
There are Signed Ace photos in this collection that nobody has along with Nose Art that has rarely ever been seen!

Horace C. Craig is holding the picture of the 62nd Fighter Squadron logo
see a larger image here
see back of photo here
Front Row (L to R) - Caleb J.Reeder, John P. Bryant, Wilbur N. Kelley, Michael J. Quirk, Anthony R. Carcione
Second Row (L to R) - Joseph W. Icard, Mark I. Moseley, Eugene W. O'Neil, Hillyar C. Godfrey, Irvin E. Valenta, Walter V. Cook, Harry Coronios, Horace C. Craig, Charles R. Harrison, Julian L. Walker, Felix D. Williamson, Harold E. Gallagher, George G. Goldstein
Third Row (L to R) - Charles L. Ginn, Doc Tichenor, Ray Dauphin, Fred Christensen, Leroy A Schreiber, Warren M. Chapman, Malcolm Van Meter, Stanley B. Morrill, Wayne A. Brainard

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Leisure Galleries

  1. Letter dated 2-19-43 - Fabulous two page letter with stunning content. Page two here
  2. Christensen's original Army ID - signed, dated with fingerprints 1942. See other side here
  3. Membership Card - To the Old Windmill Nightclub - signed by Christensen in 1943 back of card here
  4. Wartime original plaque to Lt. F.G. Christensen, JR.. Christensen was a Lt. in 1942
  5. 1950 AF Assoc Membership card signed by Christensen and David Shilling (rare autograph, #3 Ace in the 56th)

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Last Name First Rank Home City State Notes Victories Fighter Squadron Nose Art & Plane #'s Notes

Bennett Gene Lt. Dumas Station PA
0.5 vics 62nd
Hit by flak near Orbec in 42-76254 LM-P/ and evaded.

Blake Gordon J. Capt. Wyoming NJ POW 1944 2 vics 61st
PoWHit by FW190 East of Hanau on 18 November 1944 in 42-28623 HV-N.Crashed at Heerlen, Holland.

Boyle Mark K. Capt. Provo UT Died 2003 1.5 vics 62nd Pilot of 42-75444 LM-Z "The Magnet"

Brainard Wayne Capt. Kellog ID Kellog Evening News no claims 62nd Muscular bearded man with sledge hammer

Brooks Thor L. Lt. Beverly Hills CA Died 1982
62nd G.O.
Intelligence Officer

Brown Lewis R. Lt. Salem OR POW 44 1 vic 62nd Flying Lt Butler's "West O' Rockies" when taken PoW PoWHit by fighters in the Euskirchen-Bonn area on 23 December 1944 in 44-20615 LM-B

Bryant John Pope Lt. Glendale CA Died 1986 2 vics 62nd P-47C 41-6234 LM-A "Thumbs Up Doc" / "Sugar Baby" Flew 78 missions assigned a/c P-47C 41-6234 LM-A and P-47D 42-75178 LM-A.

Buzko Thaddeus S. Capt. New York NY Living as of 1999 lists 1 vic 62nd P-47D 42-75125 LM-E called "Hawkeye" & Flak Shack" "62nd Wingman"

Cabot Jr. Samuel Lt. Beverly Farms MA Died Nov 9th, 1985
62nd G.O.
Statistics Officer

Carcione Anthony R. Lt. Bethlehem PA KIA March 8, 1944 3.5 vics 62nd P-47C called "Terrible Tony" & 42-7937 "Triss" (woman) KIA hit by fighters near Minden.

Carwell Jack L. Lt. Louisville KY Living as of 2007 no claims 62nd

Cook Walter V. Capt. Cinncinati OH Died Jan 24th 1997 6 vics 62nd P-47C "Little Cookie and "Sad Sack" "Sad Sack"

Coronios Harry Lt. Lowell MA KIA November 17, 1943 1 vic 62nd P-47D 42-7860 "Greek" KiA Crashed in North Sea 15 miles east of Happisburgh in 42-8614 LM-D due to weather conditions

Cotner William R.
Tyler TX Living as of 1999 lists
HQ 33rd SG
Ground officer - Service Group serving 56th FG

Craig Horrace C. Maj. Summerfield OH
1 vic 62nd P-47 42-7870 LM-R "Pappy" 200 combat hours

Dauphin Ray Capt. Fountain AL Passed away no claims 62nd P-47D 42-75160 LM-D "Saucey Shirley I, II, III + "Patti" Saucey Shirley II

Davis Riegel W. Capt. Greenville SC Training Instrutrctor 2 vics 62nd

Durrance Virgil H. Col. Pine Castle FL Died December 2, 2006
62nd G.O.
Adjutant Ground Officer

Eaves John B. Capt. Edmond OK KIFA October 10, 1944 3.5 vics 62nd Old Man With Cane barefoot "Old Man Mose" Killed in training accident. Suffered mechanical failure and hit an embankment at Little Bardfield whilst trying to land

Edens Billy G. Col. Cassville MO Living as of 2007 7 vics 62nd P-47D 42-75093 LM-F POW Sept 10, 1944 - Awards - (WWII) SS, 3 DFCs, 4AMs - (Korea) DFC, 5AM's 3 Ground victories.

Egan Jr. Joseph L. Capt. New York NY KIA July 19, 1944 5 vics 63rd P-47C 41-6230/41-6584 "Holy Joe" (skull & crossbones) KIA, Flak, NE of Nancy, France - CO of 63d FS from July 17 to 19, 1944

Ferguson Jr. John W. Capt. Lynchburg VA Living as of 1999 lists 1 vic 62nd

Gallagher Harold E. Lt. Chillocothe OH Died May 30th, 2004 no claims 62nd

Gill Charles Leslie Lt. Palatka FL
no claims 62nd Topless Hawaiin woman

Godfrey Hillyar S. Lt. Gainsville GA KIA March 1, 1944 no claims 62nd "Devil Baby" (Sexy woman with bare butt) Killed 1 March 1944 with 27th Ferrying Group, 310th Ferrying Squadron in 42-76389.

Harrison Jr. Charles R. Capt. New Orleans LA KIA April 15, 1944 3 vics 62nd P-47D 42-75388 KIA by FW190 west of Hamburg in 42-75388 LM-H and killed bailing out.

Harter Lloyd J. Lt. Hollywood CA

61st G.O.
Communications Officer

Holtmeier Herbert R. Lt. Riegesville PA
no claims 61st "Careless Love" (sexy woman barley clothed)

Huger Killian L.
New Orleans LA Died April 1979
HQ 56th FG
Ground officer - Service Group serving 56th FG

Icard Joe W. Lt. Granite Falls N.C. MIA March 8, 1944 5 vics 62nd P-47D 42-75040 KiA Hit by fighters near Diepholz in 42-75040 LM-I. Went MIA in aerial combat near Dummer-Steinhuder Lakes. Awards 2 DFCs, 4 Ams

Jackson Michael J. Maj. Plainfield NJ Died July 2007 8 vics 62nd Pilot of 44-19790 LM-J "Teddy" (Donald Duck)

Johnson Ralph A. Maj. Pikeville KY Living as of 2008 2 vics 62nd P-47C 41-6239 LM-J "Kentucky Pud"

Johnson Ralph A. Maj. Pikeville KY Living as of Feb 2008 2 vics 62nd P-47D 42-22481 LM-J "Kentucky Pud II"

Jones James M. Capt. Columbia LA Died 1971 3 vics 62nd P-47D 42-7947 "Ah'm Available" (Available Jones )

Keleher David
Alberquerque NM Died 1965
63d G.O.
Intelligence Ground Officer

Kelley Wilbur Neill Lt. Tulsa OK KIA Feb 24, 1944            no claims 62nd P-47D 42-75037 "Onny's Angel" KiAHit by flak near Quackenbruck

King Herman Capt. Bradley ME Died Nov 11, 1989 1 vic 62nd

Knafelz Albert Lt.

1 vic 62nd P-47D 42-26298 LM-A "I Wanted Wings", "Stalag Luft III"

Mason Kenneth W. "Mike"
Compton CA

62nd G.O.
Intelligence Officer

Maxfield Edwin D.
Long Island NY Living as of 1999 lists
62nd G.O.
62nd Engineering Officer

Maxfield Edwin D.
Long Island NY Living as or 1999 lists
62nd G.O.
62nd Engineering Officer

McClure Wendell A. (McGee) Lt.

1.5 vics 62nd P-47D 42-76250 "Sneaky McGee" Hit by fighters at Beauvais whilst attacking Grand Villers A/D France on 7 June 1944 in 42-26342 LM-S and taken POW

McElhare William W. Lt. Easton PA Died December 1988 2 vics 62nd
PoW Hit by flak near Effern, Belgium on 18 September 1944 in 42-25905 LM-K (ex bomber pilot)

McMahon Darrell E. Lt. Pittsburg CA
1.5 vics 62nd

Merrill Huck Capt. Greenville TX Living as of 1999 lists 2 vics 62nd

Morrill Stanley B. 1st Lt. Willamantic CT KIA March 29, 1944 9 vics 62nd P-47C 41-6387 "Fats/Btfplk"L & "Debt Collector" R Morrill was killed attempting to rescue the pilot of a crashed B-24 when its bombs exploded near Boxted A/F. Awards SS, 3DFC's, 4 AM's

Moseley Mark L. Capt. Atlanta GA Died July 30, 1952 6.5 vics 62nd P-47D 42-25522 "Slyvia" Died in 1952 of an unknown illness. Awards 3 DFCs, 4 Ams

Mudge Richard H. Capt.

Died September 1978 1 vic 61st P-47C 41-6311 / P-47D 42-8691 PoW Hit by flak 15 April 1944 south of Eggebeck in 42-8691 HV-X

Murray Steve Lt. Oakland CA
no claims 62nd

Nolan Francis A. Capt. Sterling CO Died July 23, 1989 2 vics 62nd

Nordquist Dean
Council Bluffs ID
no claims 62nd
Was a wingman of Fred Christensen

O'Neill Jr. Eugene Capt. Long Island NY Died 1998 4.5 vics 62nd P-47C 41-6347 LM-O "Lil'l Abner""Jessie-O"

Parsons Townsend S. Capt. Richmond VA
no claims 62nd P-47D 42-28806 "Barbara Bee"

Perkins William R. Capt. Norfork VA " Wingman 44'" no claims 62nd

Pierce Jack W. Lt. Melbourne AU
1.5 vics 62nd

Poryell Jack

Our mystery man????

Quirk Mike Capt. Washington D.C. Died Jan 5, 2006 11 vics 62nd Donald Duck with bomb strapped on PoW Hit by flak at Seligenstadt A/D on 10 September 1944 in 42-27382 LM-K

Quirk Michael J. Capt. Washington D.C. Died Jan 5, 2006 11 vics 62nd
PoW Hit by flak at Seligenstadt A/D on 10 September 1944 in 42-27382 LM-K

Reeder Caleb Lt. Miami FL Died April 7, 1960 1 vic 62nd
PoW Hit by flak at Foeckinghausen, near Hannover on 8 March 1944 in 42-74623 LM-O

Schreiber Leroy A. Maj. Plymouth MA KIA April 15, 1944 12 vics 62nd
CO of 62nd FS from Feb 9 - April 15, 1944. Killed by flak, Flensburg A/D, P-47D-21. Awards DSC, 5DFC's, 4 Ams. Ground Victories 2

Sheridan Dayton C. Lt. Knoxville TN Living as of 1999 lists            1 vic 62nd P-47D 42-75276 "Niger Haid" (African w/ bone thru nose)

Sloan Seymour
Newark NJ Died June 22,1987
62nd G.O.   Comunications Officer

Tichenor Doc
South Orange NJ Died August 7, 1998
Flight Surgeon known as "Doc"

Valenta Irvin E. Lt. Sweet Home TX KIA March 4, 1944 2 vics 62nd P-47D 42-7942 LM-U "Pokey" / P-47C 41-6253 "Li'l Val" KiALast seen spinning down over North Sea 20 miles north of The Hague

Walker Joseph P. Lt. Huntsville AL Died May 25, 1990
62nd "Margaret D" / "Miss Box" P-47D 42-8676 LM-V Also flew "Little Eva"

Watson Joseph "Jae" P.
Morven NC Died Sept 29, 1996
62nd G.O. Check out the 62FS patch he is wearing Armament Ground Officer

Williamson Felix D. Maj. Cordele GA KIFA January 24,1947 13 vics 62nd P-47D 42-22541 LM-M "Willie" CO of 62nd FS from Jan 26 - May 8,1945. Was killed in a collision in a P-80 Shooting Star while with the 12th Recon Sqn. Awards DSC, 4DFCs, 11AMs

Goldstein George C Lt.

unsigned photo

P-47 "You Know What" 41-6242 LM-L Became a POW on December 5, 1943 flying "You Know What"

Taylor Robert B. Lt.

unsigned photo

P-47C "Taylor Maid"

Westfall Russell B. Capt.

unsigned photo

"Anamosa II" 42-26466

Morrill Byron

unsigned photo

"Annie M."