Knights Cross Group
awarded to
Karl-Heinz Greve

Flugzeugfuhrer in einem Kampfgeschwader
KG606 and KG77
Greve was a lifelong soldier first joining the Luftwaffe in 1939
 He retired from the Luftwaffe in 1981. Greve passed away in 1998.

see larger scan of above here
Knights Cross and above medals/cloth
Soldbuch, Reichspass, Pilots License, Logbook
Honor Goblet 835 Silver, Fantastic Photoalbum, Maps and much more
A box full of documents, newspaper articles and paperwork dating from the 1930' to 1981
when he retired as a 3 Star General from NATO/West German Airforce
Group even includes the Legion of Merit he was awarded with official document!

1. Knights Cross K&Q with ribbon. He was awarded the KC on October 7, 1942
    front view
    reverse view
2. Honor Goblet 835 Silver - The goblet is engraved Leutnant Karl-Heinz Greve AM 18.3.42
3. Medals - German Cross in Gold #20. He was awarded the GC on May 2, 1942
                   DFC in Gold with 200 pendant,
                   Pilot Badge Juncker pin needs to be repaired. I have the original pin
                   Iron Cross #20
                Front View here
                Reverse of medals here
4. Knights Cross Ribbon 2 pieces
5. Pilot Badge in Cloth & Breast Eagle
6. Collar Tabs and Shoulder Boards WWII
7. Deutsches Reich Reisepass
8. Soldbuch
        front page
        page listing his awards
        page listing squadrons he served in
9. Logbook training logbook dated 1939
10. Photo Album with 157 original photos (fantastic) & related items i.e negatives, German Marks etc
        photo of Greve wearing the collar tabs, shoulder boards & medals shown here
        great photo of his JU88 tail section showing shipping victories
        photos of Greve piloting his bomber. Notice the Rooster on the nose section!
11. Miscellaneous Items (a box full)
        Luftwaffe Navigation maps (13 maps)
        documents, another document
        newspaper articles, (11 original wartime newspaper articles relating to the winning of his KC)
        original DerAdler magazine featuring Herman Goring on cover with photo of Lt Greve on page 8
12. Original WWII era JU88 print signed by his Kommodore of KG 606
13. West German award documents 15+ award and promotion documents many signed by West German Presidents, four cased medals in their original cases, two of the medals, Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz and Das Verdienstkreuz, are the highest award given by the West German Government, Award Certificate to "Command Pilot" signed by General Hannes Trautloft who was a famous 57 victory Luftwaffe pilot during WWII and Kommodore of JG54, Generals collar tabs, shoulderboards, armbands, dogtag, and a wooden plack awarded to Greve, who was the Commander of the 4th Tactical Air Force at the time, by a Maj Gen from Ft Bliss Texas 27 Oct 1977, pueter award dish
15. Legion of Merit in original case engraved with award document  signed by Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger
        It is very rare for a non US citizen to win the Legion Of Merit
16. KG606 (Rooster)emblem
17. Wartime Luftwaffe Pilots license as well as West German Military Pilots License
18. Original POW identification slip with his internment serial number dated 30 Mai 1945
19. Beer Hall song book war dated also three others including a
        personal 27 verse Ritterkreuztrager (KC) song
20. Original notes probably from flight school along with 29 pages of handwritten notes dated February 1940
21. Five 3" by 4.5" b/w photos detailing his war years in his own hand.
        photo 1
        photo 2
        photo 3
        photo 4
        photo 5
21. November 1959 article on Greve. There is a folder full of award documents , newspaper articles
            and letters of his West German Luftwaffe and NATO days
22. Small photo album containg 14 photos of the elite boys scholl he attended in the late 1920's
22. A few books belonging to Karl-Heinz Greve regarding the Luftwaffe
        Die Verbande Der Luftwaffe - the book is also signed to Greve by the author
        Kampfleiger - large softback book signed by author to Greve dated 1973
        Wegbereiter by Rolf Roeingh - booklet deals with early WWI era aviation
        Book of wartime sketches signed by author/artist - handwritten notations throughout the book
        Small photo album presented to Greve by the Commander of Task Force 46.
        Shows pictures of Greve abourd the USS  John F. Kennedy. Greve was a LT General at the time of this visit
23. Letter of Provenance from the family

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