Luftwaffe Honor Goblet
Silver 835
Awarded to Oberfeldwebel  Heinrich Kämper on 6.10.40 for distinguished achievements in the air war. This is the early type Silver Honor Goblet and is hallmarked "835" silver on the bottom of the cup along with the makers mark 'JOH. WAGNER & SOHN'. Later in 1942 a lesser grade 'Alpaka silver plate' Goblet was produced because of the need for pure silver. The 'Alpaka' type was constructed until mid 1944 when it was replaced by the 'Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp'.
This early 835 Silver Honor Goblet (Ehrenpokal in German) also comes with an original wartime photo of Heinrich Kämper, plus two newspaper articles (one mentions Kämper sinking an enemy destroyer in Norway) and the original congratulations telegram from Fieldmarschal Sperle and his Group Commander Grote to Heinrich Kämper.
This Honor Goblet is in fantastic condition and has beautiful natural Patina
$5495 SOLD

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Note Kämper is mispelled in telegram. Greifswald is the town from which Kämper was from

original wartime photo of Heinrich Kämper

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