Lancaster Under Attack
by Robert Taylor

Overall print size: 33" x 23"
Rare and almost impossible to find on the secodary market
call for price
Original COA and Color Brochure included
A Lancaster of No. 626 Squadron takes evasive action during a raid over Osterfeld in December 1944, as a Messerschmitt Me110 G.4 night-fighter makes a pass beneath the bomber. Both crews are locked in a desperate close-quarters fight, acutely aware of each other's presence in their bid to out manoeuvre each other.

Joining Robert Taylor in signing each copy of LANCASTER UNDER ATTACK are two highly decorated pilots from opposing sides in the skies over Germany during World War II.

Flight Lieutenant BILL REID, VC


An exclusive print edition strictly limited to just 650 copies, issued with signed and numbered copies
of Robert Taylor's book, Air Combat Paintings - Volume IV
Volume IV comes in a beautiful slip-case finished in blue cloth
with Robert Taylor's signature gold-blocked on the cover

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