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Robert Taylor’s magnificent painting shows Victory breaking through the enemy line at 1.00pm 21st October 1805. A broadside has crippled Admiral Villeneuve’s French flagship Bucentaure, seen off Victory’s port side, while Nelsons gunners fire a second broadside into the Santisima Trinidad. Just astern, the Temeraire manoeuvres to trap the Redoubtable between herself and Victory, and thus seal her fate.
Overall Prints Size: 32" x 23"
Edition size - 550 signed and numbered prints
Each print is individually signed by Robert Taylor

The four-masted barque Glenogil passes Liverpool pierhead as she is towed up the Mersey
Paddle steamers in the foreground are seen embarking passengers for the river crossing in this busy harbour scene.
Overall Prints Size: 16" x 23"
Edition size - 350 signed and numbered prints
Each print is individually signed by Robert Taylor

by Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor's dramatic painting depicts the Battle of the Nile at about 1800 hours on August 1, 1798. Having caught Napoleon's French Fleet completely by surprise in Aboukir Bay, Vice-Admiral Nelson engaged at 1700 hours. Many of Napoleon's crew were ashore or visiting other ships, and the painting depicts the frantic efforts of crews to rejoin their own ships, immediately following Nelson's attack.
Overall print size: 39" x 28"
Edition size - 1000 signed and numbered prints
Each print is individually signed by Robert Taylor

by Robert Taylor
$425 Artist Proofs
When the QUEEN MARY, most famous of all the transatlantic ocean liners, retired gracefully to a berth at Long Beach, California in 1967, she brought to an end an era of maritime opulence, romance and glittering extravagance never seen before or since. On just her sixth voyage she took the coveted Blue Riband from the French Lines’ NORMANDIE. On the advent of war she was commissioned as a transport and troop ship, able to carry 15,000 American troops at speed up to 30 knots. The war over, the QUEEN MARY resumed her role as the greatest ocean palace. Robert Taylor recreates a scene from the great ship’s illustrious past, as she sails from New York for Europe in the early post-war period. The QUEEN MARY steams majestically past the Statue of Liberty, her bows pointed eagerly towards the Atlantic.

Overall print size: 38" x 23"
Edition size - 1000 signed and numbered prints

Each print individually hand signed by artist Robert Taylor
numbered, and countersigned by R.M.S. QUEEN MARY’s last skipper
Captain Treasure Jones.

by Robert Taylor
The American Clipper Flying Cloud arrives at Hong Kong in May 1860
97 days out of London. En-route to Foochow, she will load tea for the return voyage.
Of all the famous American Clippers Flying Cloud had by far the best record.

Overall print size: 32" x 24"
Edition size - 950 signed and numbered prints
Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

by Robert Taylor
Winter in the Bay of Biscay brings ferocious gales and bitter cold discomfort for ships' crews aboard the British frigate Indefatigable. Horatio Hornblower, C.S. Forrester's dashing eighteenth-century naval officer, experienced the worst of conditions at sea while serving the arduous task of blockading the ports off the west coast of France. The excitement of battle came as welcome relief. Robert's magnificent painting depicts an exchange of cannon fire between Indefatigable - on the left - and a 40-gun French frigate attempting to run the blockade on a chill winter's morning. Moments later the two hulls crashed alongside each other, and the Frenchman was boarded and taken.

Overall print size 24" x 33"
Edition size - 850 signed and numbered prints
Each prints individually signed by the Robert Taylor

by Robert Taylor
The windjammer Loch Etive departs Glasgow on October 15, 1892, bound for Sydney, Australia.
After a round-trip lasting six and a half months, she will return to London with a cargo of wool.
Looking across the Firth towards Glasgow the waters are busy with coastal craft.
Edition size - 350 signed and numbered prints
Overall Prints Size: 17" x 24"

by Robert Taylor
Passengers aboard the Isle of Wight ferry gaze in wonder as RMS Titanic
steams majestically down the Solent at the outset of her maiden voyage, April 15, 1912.

Overall print size: 21" x 18"
Edition size - 500 signed and numbered prints
All 500 edition prints are signed by the artist Robert Taylor, and numbered.

by Robert Taylor
At the outbreak of World War II, H.M.S. Belfast had already joined the Home Fleet operating out of Scapa Flow. Patrolling north of the Faeroes in October 1939 she came across and captured the German liner Cap Norte. This success was short-lived, however, when she struck a mine, the explosion breaking her back. After repairs and modernisation she was the best-equipped cruiser afloat. Later she went on to play an important role in the Normandy Landings of June 1944.
Overall Print Size 24" x 20"
Each print is individually signed by the artist and Sir Frederick Parham.

Battleship Bismarck
The pride of the German Navy, this magnificent battleship attracted the full wrath of the Royal Navy when, by brilliant gunnery, she sand the Hood. Within three days she was herself sunk by the Home Fleet with the loss of all but 110 of her crew.
Overall Print Size 24" x 20"
Each print is individually signed by the artist and Baron von Mullenheim-Rechberg,
one of the Gunnery Officers aboard the Bismarck

'Sighting The Bismarck'
by Robert Taylor
Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print in the edition is individually signed by FOUR
of the small band of only 110 crew members who survived the sinking of the Bismarck.
They are;
Obergefreiter Hans Hellwig
Machinen Obergefreiter Karl-August Schuldt
Matrose II Josef Statz
Machinen Obergefreiter Johannes Zimmermann
Artist Proofs $520

by Robert Taylor
Overall print size: 24" x 13"
 The print is in color and and the color image will be updated soon
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by Simon Atack
A limited edition signed by marine and aviation artist Simon Atack

The "pocket-battleship" Graf Spee catches the flood tide, making speed through a choppy cross-current as she leaves the German naval port of Wilhelmshaven for final trials a few weeks before the outbreak of war on 3rd September, 1939. Under her Captain, Hans Langsdorf, she will soon be on station in the South Atlantic in readiness for action against merchant shipping, vital to the survival of island Britain.

Overall print size 31" x 23 "
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Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist

by Simon Atack
A limited edition signed by the sole survivor of the sinking of the Hood, by marine and aviation artist Simon Atack

HMS Hood, Britain’s largest warship and pride of the Royal Navy, steams majestically through the Swept Channel on 22 May, 1941. Having fuelled at the Scapa Flow naval base in Scotland, she steers clear of floats suspending torpedo and submarine nets, as she heads for open water and the North Sea. The crew of a naval cutter wave farewell as the mighty battleship departs upon what will prove to be her final voyage.
Overall print size 31" x 23 "
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Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist and Lt Ted Briggs - the last living of the three survivors of Hood's final battle.

by Simon Atack


When the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau entered Brest in March, 1941, between them they had sunk a total of 22 ships during their North Atlantic operations. Laying in port however, they became a target for constant air attack, Scharnhorst being damaged by bombs, and in February 1942 the decision was made to break out with the famous Channel Dash. Scharnhorst led the flotilla in a daring passage through the English Channel, heading for the sanctuary of Wilhelmshaven. They all got through but, striking two mines en-route, it was March 1943 before the Scharnhorst was able to resume battle operations when, under heavy escort, she sailed for Norway. Simon Atack's panoramic seascape depicts a scene from Operation Paderborn as Scharnhorst ploughs through a lively swell with Fw190s of I./JG5, based at Oslo Fornebu, providing fighter cover. Steaming in company with destroyers Z-28 and Erich Steinbrinck, the mighty German battleship has departed Gotenhafen and is heading towards Bogen Bay, near Narvik in Norway. But Scharnhorst's days were numbered. On 26 December 1943 the huge battleship attacked a convoy off North Cape, but in the heavy seas Scharnhorst became detached from her destroyer escort. With the British Home Fleet aware of her position, and intentions, she was intercepted, the Britishbattleship Duke of York landing a barrage of 14-inch shells on the mighty German warship. The blows were fatal, the coup-de-grace coming shortly after, when 11 torpedoes sent the magnificent but deadly battleship quickly to the bottom. There were just 36 survivors.

Overall Print Size 30" x 22"
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Every copy of 'Escort to the Scharnhorst' is individually hand-signed in pencil by the artist Simon Atack, and individually numbered. Each print is authenticated with the original signature of Wilhelm Alsen, the last of Scharnhorst's thirty-six survivors to be rescued.

by Simon Attack
Simon Atack depicts the magnificent German battleship Bismarck at the outset of her final voyage, just five days before her fateful encounter with the British Home Fleet in the north Atlantic, May 1941.
31” wide x 231/2” high
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Joining artist Simon Atack, each print has been individually signed by THREE of the few surviving
Kriegsmarine sailors who sailed as part of Bismarck’s crew on her final voyage into destiny.

Maschinenobergefreiter OTTO PETERS
Unteroffizier HEINRICH KUHNT
Matrosengefreiter WILLI TREINIES

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