Struggle For Supremacy
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor's painting reconstructs a spectacular dog fight between
American 8th Air Force fighters and Me109's of the Luftwaffe
high over the Rhine, January, 1945

32" by 24"
600 signed and numbered prints - $295 sold out
25 Artist Proofs - $500 sold out
Call for secondary market price

Joining Robert Taylor in signing each print in his new edition are FOUR distinguished
US 8th Air Force fighter Aces and THREE high scoring Luftwaffe Aces
who flew and fought in the skies over Germany during WWII.
Col C.E. Bud Anderson - 16 victories
LtCol Ernest E. Bankey - 11 victories
Col Donald Cummings - 2 Me262's in one day
Col Walker Bud Mahurin - 24 victories
Gen Gunther Rall - 275 victories
Oberfeldwebel Helmut Ruffler - 98 victories
Hauptmann Hans Weik - 36 victories

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